The Karibu Honey Project

The Karibu Honey project was developed as a way to provide crucially needed income for the rural peoples of Tanzania. Bees thrive in the environment of Northern Tanzania, and beekeeping can be a financial lifesaver for rural families. Most rural farmers lack the education, capital, transportation and logistical support to successfully start keeping bees. That’s where Karibu Honey comes in. We connect local beekeepers in Tanzania directly to US markets and provide them with the hives, education, and transportation necessary to get their honey to market, all while using a sustainable free market model.

The US Demand for Honey increases every year, with the US consuming far more honey than it is able to produce. This leaves a huge gap, which needs to be filled with imported honey. Some of the top exporters of honey to the US include Brazil, Vietnam, Canada and India. The main driving force behind which countries we import from is unfortunately cost, and not quality.

Honey from many countries is often adulterated and mixed with sweeteners to dilute the honey and increase profits. Much of this honey can also contain pesticides and any number of other harmful substances.

Honey from Tanzania is of a much higher quality. Tanzanian Bees feed on hundreds of different flowers in areas free of pesticides and chemicals. This results in an extremely rich, diverse, healthy and delicious honey that is light years ahead of every other honey on the market.

The domestic honey production in Tanzania is currently at 3% of its potential. Most rural beekeepers use low output traditional log style hives and don’t have access to modern high-output bee hives.

Karibu Honey seeks to help rural beekeepers and grow the honey industry in Tanzania. We provide rural farmers with high-output commercial hives, education on modern beekeeping techniques, and direct access to US Markets. We collect the honey directly from each beekeeper and ship the honey directly to the US. This direct shipping allows us to provide the beekeepers with the best possible price for their honey.

This development model can be progressively scaled to all of Tanzania. Karibu Honey seeks to empower individuals through beekeeping and provide valuable income that rural families need to purchase goods, food, medicine and tuition to send their children to school.