The Karibu Honey Project

The Karibu Honey project was developed as a way to provide crucially needed income for the rural peoples of Tanzania. Bees thrive in the environment of Northern Tanzania, and beekeeping can be a financial lifesaver for rural families. Most rural farmers lack the education, capital, transportation and logistical support to successfully start keeping bees. That’s where Karibu Honey comes in. We connect local beekeepers in Tanzania directly to US markets and provide them with the hives, education, and transportation necessary to get their honey to market, all while using a sustainable for-profit model. Read More…

Bulk Honey Sales

Karibu Honey offers Bulk honey sales in any quantity to meet your company’s needs. We are committed to supply chain transparency and we control every stage of transport, from the beekeeper’s hive to your warehouse. Our Honey is priced competitively with honey from Asian and South American markets, and is of the highest quality. All of our honey is sourced from rural farmers in Northern Tanzania and can be shipped around the world. We sell our honey by the KG and ship it in food grade 300 KG steel drums. The drums are sealed at the origin and are handled with the highest standards of food safety. Read More…

Private Label

Karibu Honey offers private label honey for sale to grocers, specialty stores and individuals across the USA. It is all natural, raw and unfiltered, sustainably produced and directly benefits the beekeepers of Tanzania. Read More…

Our Team

Boniface Lobikieky
Operations Manager
Emmanuel Tarimo
Finance Manager

In the News

‘Making an Impact as Sweet as Honey’